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Getting Guidance on Property Matters

Want advice on equity release schemes and how they work? Want to know the methods through which you can start estate planning right now? All your questions will be answered right here at Elford Village Properties. We are a proud group of financial property, equity release and estate planning experts who can guide you, counsel you and help you in taking the right decisions in your financial life. From guidance on all matters equity release to advice on setting up long-term estate planning goals and from counseling on property value matters to finding the best deals for you on the market that suit your needs, we do it all proudly. 

Want to sell a property? Want to take part in equity release? Want to start estate planning? We can start helping you out right away! Visit our office, call us through telephone or just drop us an e-mail to get started! 

What We Offer

Impartial Advice

You can hold us accountable for whatever advice we will give you! We don’t support any particular group or company and our guidance and advice will always be crafted in such a manner that it would help you and no one else! 


Providing the Best Deals

As property experts and brokers, we get access to exclusive deals that you won’t be able to find on your own! We just don’t offer any deal that is offered to us to our customers. We will first filter out the ones that have the best terms for your case and situation and then bring only those deals on the table!

Quality Equity Release Advice

Our knowledge on equity release matters is very vast. Equity release isn’t child’s play as it puts your own entire life’s earning i.e. your house on the line. Since we know equity release inside out, we can give you counseling that will always lead you to the right decision!


24/7 Support

Have any questions? You don’t need to wait till the morning to ring us up! Call us whenever you want and you will find us ready to help you at all times! We won’t ever let you down and we would never leave you alone in making the most important financial decisions of your life!

Benefits of Long-term Estate Planning

Nobody wants to think about their death before reaching the latter stages of their lives. However, it is also true that every living being will die at one point or another in this world. What differentiates us from other living beings is that we know that we will die. Since we know that we have to die one day, planning for the day we die beforehand remains the wise option. You might not want to think about it but you must plan about it. Here are a few benefits of planning about the distribution of your estate and wealth before you die. 

You can save your family and friends from all the red tape and legal complications if you will have prepared a will beforehand that properly states your wish about how your wealth and property will be distributed.

You will be able to save your family and loved ones from paying various taxes as well as paying the fees for the attorney and for the cases being heard in the court by doing estate planning beforehand.

You can ensure that there will be no fighting over your belongings amongst your loved ones.



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Elford Village Properties has been a blessing for us. Their experience and professional property knowledge as well as their highly developed negotiating skills have done amazing things for us.

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Thank you Elford Village Properties for the advice and counselling that you gave us on equity release and for guiding us in choosing the plan that was best suited to meet our needs. 

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